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Euromilitaire over for another year, I make my way back to London for a few days before heading out to Bovington and another model show. No modeler's trip to London is complete without the requisite pilgrimage to the Imperial War Museum, however. Just don't try to climb inside their Jagdpanther; they don't like that. Just ask Rhodes Williams.

The weekend after Euro, I head out to Bovington for another model show at Mark Hazzard's invitation. Pictured is a copy of the Royal Armoured Corps memorial which is presently located in Whitehall, London.

Yeovil MAFVA's clubstand, conveniently located next to the Jagdtiger (Porsche suspension). Pictured are Julie England and a guy nicknamed Mandy who apparently does quite the impression of a Syrian P.O.W.

Drewe "I complete more kits by the second week of February than most people do in a year" Manton, Mark Hazzard, and Drewe's brother Rory. You might recognize some of the modern armour in the foreground from the Constructive Comments Forum at Missing Links.

A gentleman by the name of John MacDonald and a large-scale motorized Pz. IV he built from Mecano (a peculiarly English toy which consists of perforated metal plates you join with nuts & bolts). The Dragon Wagon he's driving the Panzer onto is also fully motorized with an 8-shift gearbox, full lights, and a winch. To the left of the photo you can make out the hood of the FAMO he scratchbult too.

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