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Back inside, we meet Øyvind Leonsen at Accurate Armour's table.

"What're you lookin' at? You startin' somethin'?" Don Campbell and the Total Tank team prepare for Herbert Ackermans' arrival.

Hola! On the mezzanine I meet up with I meet up with Joaquin Garcia Gazquez of Alméria, Spain; better known to Beatles fans as the place where How I Won The War was filmed and "Strawberry Fields Forever" was written.

At 6'1" tall and with a taste in shirts rarely seen outisde of the average Miami nightclub, Mirko Bayerl is hard to miss. Bruce Crosby recoils in genteel chagrin after a vulgar comment I've just made about a young lady's posterior.

And now, downstairs to action central where we find Jari Lievonen in the competition room.

Getting the formality of a quick introduction for two guys who've never met before this moment out of the way, I save film by capturing Toni Canfora (left) and Rob Plas in the same photo.

Yann Jouault: "T'as bien capturé la forme féminin dans ton vignette FAMO rouillé."

J-B Verlhac: "Oui, merci - ça prends des longues heures de recherche, ça."

Sunday morning, and the Swedish contingent assembles on the balcony of Mirko and Gunnar's room. No, you're not imagining things; Mirko's wearing an AMPS East 2001 shirt. He eventually put a Hawaiian shirt over it to tone things down a little.

Unfortunately, Luciano Rodriguez and MiG discover that they know the "here, pull my finger" joke in Sweden too. Jorge Lopez and Ulf Andersson observe.

Nothing bridges language barriers like a discussion about paint chipping: (l-r, facing camera) Ulf Andersson, Mirko Bayerl, Gunnar Jansson, Magnus Henricsson, and Erik "LMF" Gustavsson.

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