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Updated: 21 December, 2003


While there are other A.M.P.S. chapters listed here, to our knowledge these are the only ones with homepages at present:

The A.M.P.S. national organization
A.M.P.S. Los Angeles
Austin Armor Builders (Central Texas A.M.P.S.)
A.M.P.S. Connecticut
Central Virginia A.M.P.S.
Kansas City A.M.P.S.
Upper valley Model Club (A.M.P.S. New Hampshire)
Kiwi Tracks (A.M.P.S. New Zealand)

Military Modelling Magazine
AFV Modeller Magazine

Track Link
Missing Links
WW2 Model Maker
PanzerNet - site in Spanish only
Plastic Warfare - site in Swedish and English
TWENOT - site in Dutch and English - site in German and English
Kempense Modelbouw Klub - site in Flemish and English
Hyperscale - mainly aircraft, but with some good armour content
Perth Military Modelling Site
Panzermaniacs - site in French amd English
Société de Modélisme Historique de Québec - site in French only
Kunihito Home Page - site in Japanese only
The Military Modelers Club of Osaka - site in Japanese only
Knife & Brush - site in Korean and English
Panzercolor - site in Turkish only
The Tank Guys - site in Japanese with some English

And for small-scale modellers:
Small Scale Armour
On The Way

AFV Interiors
Tanks 2 Scale
Ardennes '44 - Finnish armour in World War 2
Anzac Steel
Panzer Colors - Bill Murphy's corrections to Panzer Colors Vol. 1
The Russian battlefield
Chars et Blindés Francais - site in French only
Scandinavian Armour
The Swede's Armour Page
The Bucket Shop - Everything to do with the M113 and its variants

If you're looking for online retailers, we suggest having a look at Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index

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